John Early Middle School

​Thursday 3pm-4pm

West End Middle School    JT Moore Middle 

Wednesday-3pm-4pm      - 2nd & 4th Saturday

Antioch Middle School

Wednesday 4:30pm-5:45pm

Jere Baxter Middle School

Tuesday 3pm-4pm

Overton High school 



OLLIE Life School Affiliates:

Thursday 5pm-6:30pm

Margaret Allen Middle School

Monday 3pm-4pm

​COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS- 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month youth will participate in a service learning project. The services consist of "community clean up, feeding the homeless, courtesy act, scavenger hunts.

​FELLOWSHIP BONDING- 3rd Friday is "Friday night blitz"
A night were the youth participate in food, fun, and fellowship. A series of tournament style activities which include video game tourney, basketball shootout, relay, etc.

Quarterly Youth Lock In
This consist of movies, food, and games. We will also have time of reflection were youth share goals with one another.

​SPONSORS- Handles- N-Buckets Skill Training  have agreed to do a free clinic 1 Saturday morning of each month for any youth in the  O.L.L.I.E. organizations grade 4th and up.

(FADE DOC & License barber's) have agreed once a month to come by and do FREE HAIRCUTS. *MONDAY*