" My son has had awesome moments that taught him the importance of caring for others. He has made new friends through O.L.L.I.E."


" I really enjoy being apart of O.L.L.I.E. its preparing me for life" -Trey-

recent programs

The suspension Program:

Suspension in skateboarding is great, but unacceptable in terms of school. The suspension program seeks to reinforce parents who may not be able to take off by having their child(ren) participate in service learning during OSS. The suspension program:

  • Mitigates unsupervised students at home
  • Places student with OLLIE staff & community service options in lieu of video games
  • Discourages disruptive behavior through mentorship with community members
  • Fee: students suspended 3 to 5 days $50. If suspended 5 or more days its $75. The cost is a flat rate not per day.  

"  It's been a cool experience for me being apart of the Ollie family"    -Stacey- 

Our C.E.O. speaking at the "Gift of Love" Christmas celebration with the ladies of The F.I.N.D. Design program.

"Mr. Allen is such an asset to the O.L.L.I.E. program"

Mr. Dred speaking with Trey at the OLLIE program at the juvenile court.

"Its more than a brand its a lifestyle for me"  -Ty-

" The O.L.L.I.E. program gave me an opportunity to play ball and get through high school."


"Coolest MENtor In The City"

"I always find joy being around our youth in the community". 

"It takes a collaborative effort to impact our youth and community". Kara Johnson CEO of The FIND Design

"It's a blessing to partner with such an amazing organization like O.L.L.I.E." Robert Sherrill CEO of Impact Youth Outreach.

"I wanted to be apart of the O.L.L.I.E. program because I saw the impact it was making on the lives of our youth". -Mr. Allen-

Jordan "Hollywood" Ray professional basketball player (JBA and Euroleague)

Our CEO's spoke at "THE HUDDLE" at First Baptist Church.

"I am very proud of my dad" Caleb Garth

OLLIE programming at JT Moore middle school.

"I've been around the program since I was 10 years old". Maurice Jones

Ollie Outing with the boys at TSU football game..

"Ms. Kara has been such an inspiration"

Our CEO's speaking at "THE HUDDLE" in Murfreesboro, TN

OLLIE hoop session with boys.

Mr. Dred and the boys enjoyed programming with special guest Kid Preacher J. Walker

" O.L.L.I.E. has shown me that I can make a difference in the community".  -Devontae-

mission & vision

OLLIE's multi-faceted, multicultural enrichment in Nashville encompasses programming activities to promote and enhance the following social skills in students from all gradients of life: soft skills (personal habits, social grace)

Critical thinking (logic and reasoning)

Interpersonal communication skills

Time management at an early age

Mr. Dred with the boys at Fisk basketball game.

"I fully support Ty and the O.L.L.I.E. program" Bro. Ron Johnson

"My vision for this program is for students to learn and apply the 'Ollie' concept in all aspects of life"

                           -Ty Garth-


Environmental Clean Up day:

  • Beautification Day sites are selected through applications by churches, businesses, schools, and other nonprofits in Middle TN area.
  • Students keep a before and after journal

Incentive points awarded for full participation

Bridge Ministry:

  • Every Tuesday Ollie and students partner with the Bridge Ministry to serve food to homeless families under the Jefferson street bridge.
  • Its a time for the students to fellowship
  • Students journal before and after can also earn incentive points awarded for full participation.